Bird-X Gives Best Wishes to Retiring HR Director

Bird-X Gives Best Wishes to Retiring HR Director

                                   Best Wishes, Alison!

Bird-X has been dedicated to unmatched focus on quality, efficacy, and customer service since 1964. Our growth wouldn’t be possible without our team of dedicated employees, including Alison James, Director of HR, Marketing, and Customer Services.

Alison first started working for the company in 1997. She was hired as an executive assistant to Ron Schwarcz (then president) and Richard Seid, Owner/Founder. Alison’s commitment to the company and willingness to take on additional responsibilities are just two reasons she will be greatly missed.

A lot has changed at Bird-X since Alison first started twenty years ago. The company has grown in many facets, including products, employees, and office size.


                                                    Alison and current Sales Director Joe Seid in 1999

“It’s been fascinating to watch this tapestry of people weave in and around over time, growing and changing but with some strong constant threads too.”

As the company grew (and relocated), so did Alison’s responsibilities at Bird-X. Whenever there was a need for a role to be filled, Alison took on those responsibilities. She gained experience in human resources and became extremely involved in product design and marketing.

Recently, she has worked closely with president Dennis Tilles on expanding markets and product offerings. Advancing to new roles has allowed her to experience all facets of Bird-X, from helping customers, creating packaging and design, to being the human resources director.

“We’ve solidified our position as industry leaders with cutting-edge technologies, and added specialist consultants to our retail, internet and pest control customers. Being on the inside working to grow the company as all this was taking place has been extremely rewarding,” said Alison when reflecting on experiences over the years.

Following retirement, Alison is planning for a big move down South. She looks forward to slowing down in retirement and “watching birds instead of consulting about how to get rid of them.” She’s also excited about having more time for cooking meals from scratch, painting, writing, and reading. And she won’t miss her daily commute to Chicago.

“It’s hard to believe that this is really happening. It won’t feel real until I wake up in another state, and it’s not time to head to work,” she said. “And I’m so very grateful for this amazing opportunity Bird-X gave me, to learn and grow, support my family, put my kids through school, and find something new and different every day.”

Bird-X wishes Alison all the best in her retirement, and thanks her for her years of commitment and service to the company!

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