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Bird Control

GREIMEX Bird Control X-pert is US #1 representative and distributor of architectural pest bird control products for african and Indian Ocean regions. Our business is always evolving as we are dedicated to bringing the best in Bird control, Pest control and services to our customers. Depending on the bird or pest control problem we will recommend the control procedure or elimination product that best suits the specific situation.

Pest birds are a nuisance for property managers, property owners, architects, farmers, planters and homeowners. All of our products are safe, human, effective and environmentally friendly in the correct application; our trained customer service staff will assist you with finding the right product. Bird deterrents can range from Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Bird Barriers, Non-lethal Shock strips to Sonic/Ultrasonic, Repellents, Shooting Net and Visual Scare Devices. GREIMEX Bird Control X-pert also carries vent guards, vent covers, sensory repellents and hand held lasers.

GREIMEX Bird Control X-pert has its own network of certified installers that are accredited and trained to consider the economic value, aesthetic value combined with the effectiveness of the product in order to make the best recommendation for you and your facility.

R/C Falconry Service – Predator Drone

Repellers(Sonic)  – Ultrasonic

SuperBirdXpeller PRO, CritterBlaster PRO QuadBlaster(QB4), Ultrason X, BB-PRO

Visual Scare Device – Irritape, Terror Eyes, Prowler Owl, Hawk Silhouette, Birdlite, Brite’ n’Lite Laser Gun

Bird Netting (Exclusion Purposes) – Standard & Structural sizes

Nylon(Black, Stone,  White  colour),  Polyethylene(black)

Roost Inhibitors – (Repellents & Deterrents)

BirdProof Gel & Liquid, BirdSpikes(SS/Galv.),Bird Slope, Whirley Bird Bird Tension Wire, Shock Strip


Bird Traps, New Capture Kits, Shooting Net (New)

Pest Control

GREIMEX Bird Control X-pert doesn’t stop with just bird control products, we can also offer a full line of mechanical pest control products designed to rid your facility of certain critter/insect infestations. Our pest prevention products range from Rodent control, Insect control, Odor eliminators, Hazardous material suits and many other products. For our full catalog of our product offerings please feel free to contact us for more details.

Rodent/Pest Control Equipment /Flying Insect Control (Indoor/Outdoor)/ Exclusionary Products /Nuisance Animal Traps/ Odor Eliminators /Sanitary Control/ Misc. Pest Control

Liquid Fence Products

Dog & Cat Repellent, Deer & Rabbit Repellent, Tunnelers, Mosquitoes, Snake worms, Bats (100% natural plant oil)

Security Products

Other products you will find while navigating through our website include a full line of security devices for  industrial, commercial, residential, automotive and personal purposes.  In line with our policy of providing the ultimate in effective preventive security systems rather than fire-fighting solutions, please see items below :

Fingerprint/Handpunch System

Time Attendance/Access Control/ Door locks / Safes

Taxi Protection System –Anti-aggression system to protect car & driver (can save driver’s life)

Shocking Brief case (Financial circles)- Prevent & Protect valuables, documents, money

CardGuard ,Child Guard, Luggage/Cell Locator, Stun Ring, Nap Zapper. Phone Taps, Spy Camera, Spy Glasses, Spy Pen, Bug Detector

Power Fence –  ‘A’ Legal Ultimate perimeter security barrier from Gallagher Security

Management System, world’s #1 perimeter security system(A ‘must’ for IRS Projects, bungalow, Restricted areas & highly secured areas etc.)

Cellular Jammer – or Mobile Disabler/Blocker

Theatres, Picture houses, Courts, Hospitals, Clinics, Prisons, Examination rooms,Airports, Classrooms, Libraries etc.

Shooting Net – Anti-riot police, armed guards, prison officers, security guards, wild life societies


Dart Guns  – Stray animals

New Services

Integrated Energy Management(IEM), Renewable Sources of Energy