r1Liquid Fence Snake-worm Repellent – the 100% Natural Repellent.

Are Snakeworms Terrorizing your Family, Pets & Livestock?

Repel them with Liquid Fence Snakeworm Repellent, our all natural, environmentally safe Snakeworm repellent. Our earth and family friendly spray solves your disturbing and sometimes dangerous Snakeworm infestation problems.

The 100% Naphthalene Free Repellent that really Works!

Most traditional snake repellents use Naphthalene a chemical that has been shown to cause liver damage, anemia and is classified by the EPA as a Class C possible human carcinogen.

The Liquid Fence Snakeworm Repellent is naphthalene free, earth & family friendly and just as effective in repelling snakes, Snakeworm (couleuvre),centipedes, lizards, other crawling nuisances  from lawns, patios, landscaped garden areas, rock gardens, flowers, shrubs, plants trees and vines .  When applied directly at areas they live and breed … dramatically reduce infestation or presence from backyard to barnyard – easily improve the quality of the environment for family, pets or livestock

For outdoor use only, dries odorless, won’t harm plants or animals, long lasting & rain resistant, work year round.

Liquid Fence Snakeworm Repellent is also effective at repelling bats, pigeons, starlings, house sparrows and much more.