Bird Control – Why?

Bird Nuisance, one of the most  imminent challenge in the Food Industry.

Most people encourage and delight in having wild birds in the garden but many people and businesses suffer tremendously from flocks of birds. Bird control is necessary to avoid crop damage and public health problems. These are the main reasons why someone should want to deter birds from a particular area.

Certain bird species are often both serious nuisances and capable of transmitting diseases, contaminating our food and damaging our structures. Pest birds also present a safety hazard around airports. Many people have been killed from birds colliding with aircraft during takeoffs and landings. When birds and animals adversely affect our way or life they have to be considered pests and repelled from critical areas.

We supply a wide range of pest bird control and animal pest repelling products. All are environmentally friendly and do no harm to wildlife nor even the targeted pests.

The products listed are used to protect the many varied locations listed below:

Parking lots Airports Harbor Granaries Highways Bridges Underpasses Building Roofs Marinas Gardens Homes Feed Lots Farm Fields Orchards Vineyards, Fast Foods, Market, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, FoodStore FoodHawkers, Bakeries, Towers.

Sonic Bird Repellers

Quadblaster QB-4, CritterBlaster, BirdXPeller Super,, BroadBand Pro BB-Pro, Ultrason-X  YardGard, Transonic-IX-L Goosebuster.

Visual Scare Devices

Terror Eyes, Irritape, Bird Lite, Gator Guard, Flash Tape, Laser Gun.

Roost Inhibitors

Bird Proof Liquid, Bird Proof Gel,  Spikes, Bird Net, Shock Strips, Tension Wire, Whirley Bird, Bird Umbrella.


Bird Shield, Fruit Shield, Goose Chase, Dog & Cat Repellent(pellets & Liquid form 100% plant natural oil), Deer & Rabbit Repellent, Snake worms.


Capture Mist Net, New Capture Kit, New Shooting Net.

Animal Repellers

Scare Crow, Scent-ry, Scoot Squirrel, Scoot Mole, Scoot Deer, Transonic IX-L, YardGard.


Bird Netting

Other Pest Control

Fly Control – Roaches-Fleas, Ticks, Flies, termites, Ants, Mosquitoes and other Crawling insects

The bird species which cause the biggest problems and are a prime target for bird repelling products are:

BlackBirds, Linnets, Geese, WaxWings, Grackles, Starlings, Jays, Woodpeckers, Robins, Crows, Pigeons, Cowbirds,

Seabirds, Ravens, Bats, House Sparrows

Animals are harmlessly repelled by our animals repelling products, particularly:

Skunks, WoodChucks, Rabbits, raccoons ,Squirrels, deer, rats, Opossum, Moles, mice, cats, dogs, coyotes, prairie dogs, other rodents, other critters,pigeons, starlings, mynahs, sparrows.