Bird Control in New Construction Sites

Bird Control in New Construction Sites

When excavating a construction site you’re bound to come across numerous obstacles. While each one has its own level of difficulty to overcome, arguably the hardest to conquer is relocating wildlife from the site.

Today we’re featuring a guest article from Emily Matlovich, writer for CADdetails’ blog Design Ideas for the Built World.

One of the reasons why relocation of animals is difficult is because in some areas you may find that the site has a protected species on it. Unfortunately, if this is the case then it means that all construction must halt until the species is successfully relocated without human intervention. So essentially the animal must leave on its own will and this rule applies to a new construction site or a site where the animal has nested even it occurred after construction has started.

If an animal isn’t on the endangered species list, it may still be protected by a law. One seemingly universal law that seems to be in effect in multiple locations is a constraint on the removal of birds during their breeding season. This can be a hindrance to construction since breeding season typically coincides with the weather that is most suitable for construction. So it’s beneficial to begin bird removal tactics prior to breeding season to ensure that construction isn’t paused by the young birds.

Even if an animal isn’t protected by law, it doesn’t mean that it will be easily removed from the site. Animals (especially beavers and birds) tend to return to the site even after being safely relocated. While this behavior isn’t as hazardous once the building is built, it poses issues for the workers at the construction site. This is because when the animals return to the site, they bring with them diseases that can be spread to a construction worker. So the site would have to be routinely checked prior to work being done which causes delays for the project completion.


Luckily, there are numerous humane ways that you can prevent the return of the animal once it has been safely relocated. Some methods include bird spikes which prevent birds from landing on edges of the building, netting which will prevent birds from even entering the site, and electronic bird control systems that can keep them at an even further distance from the site. You can get each product from Bird-X, Inc and all products manufactured by Bird-X, Inc. are legal, humane, green, and effective.

Before removing any species from your construction site, it’s important to check with your local municipality to ensure that you are in compliance with the laws they’ve set.

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