Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

At Bird-X, we are proud of our humane and eco-friendly approach to bird control. Here are just some recent examples of how our dedicated bird control professionals have helped business and land owners all across the country get rid of birds – for good! Stuart, Tom, Tim, and Dan weigh in on their recent success stories:


At an Executive Airport near Gainesville, Florida, pigeons and sparrows were causing damage to a 10,000 square foot aircraft hangar, making mess and nests everywhere. After Florida Pest & Chemical installed ¾” PE Netting, immediate results were seen and the pigeons and sparrows have not returned to the structure. An estimated $30,000 per year was saved in cleaning and maintenance costs alone, as well as preventing more costly damage to the aircraft [amount not disclosed].


Sparrows and starlings were nesting in the rafters of a horse barn and in the insulation of the nearby riding arena. By installing a BroadBand Pro system, we were able to target the interior area with two speakers aimed directly at the problem spots. The other two speakers of the four-speaker system were run to the outside of the building on the roof with the included wires. Both species have left the problem areas and the customer is satisfied.


I was working with a Minnesota installer to drive crows out of a 90 acre medical campus. Together, we created a multifaceted approach utilizing over 75 Yard Gard devices and 10 Outdoor Lasers. Today, the client claims to be almost completely free of the crows. He is very happy with the managed program and the efficacy of our products.

A few months later, we got a lead about a crow problem at a very large corporate campus in California next to an airport. After sending the lead to an experienced California Pest Control Operator, I connected him to the Minnesota installer and they discussed the plans and associated challenges. The end result was two very successful projects.


Ensco has an offshore oil rig in Brownsville, Texas was having a massive vulture problem; about 70-80 vultures overall. According to the foreman, they were degrading the structure so much, that the company was ‘at risk of losing a $500 million asset’. They initially bought the BroadBand Pro on their own, but it was not the right product for the job. We implemented a plan combining multiple Flock Reflectors, a Critter Blaster Pro, as well as Outdoor Lasers. Within two weeks, the vultures were gone, and the oil rig was no longer at risk of further structural damage. We avoided a $500 million problem!

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