With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

As the snow thaws and daylight hours increase, a number of pest animals make their way back into our backyards, gardens, gutters, and more places we plan to spruce up for the warmer months. Pest birds and animals can not only wreak havoc on budding flowers and plants, but they can also carry transmissible zoonotic diseases and create an unhealthy environment.

Bird-X has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from such diseases, cutting back on sanitary maintenance and cleaning costs, and reducing physical labor. As the leading international brand of humane bird and pest control solutions, we strive to offer the most effective solutions for your pest bird and animal problems.

Not sure what product is right for your situation? We’re here to help! Simply chat with one of our pest control experts with the chat button in the lower right-hand corner, or call us toll-free at 800-662-5021.

Here are just a few of our recent success stories from Bird-X experts here at our headquarters. These are the very same experts who will be assisting you with any product recommendations or installation questions, who all work in-house at our Chicago offices:

“Grackles were a huge issue for a business’s storefront as well as the top of their building and parking lot. They would congregate on the property and this would discourage potential customers. The owner had tried many different visual deterrents in the past, but grackles are stubborn birds. They hung light-reflecting foil and sticker hawk decoys on their windows with no results.

I recommended two BirdXPeller PRO – Version 2 devices; one for the parking lot and storefront, and another for the roof of the building. Version 2 of the BirdXPeller PRO specifically targets Grackles, and can be customized for other birds as well, like crows and blackbirds. Within two weeks of using the BirdXPeller PROs at extra-long intervals and a medium volume level, the grackle population disappeared and the storeowner is finally at peace!”

Product used:

“A homeowner was having problems with stray cats tearing up the lawn of their single family home. In the past they sprayed synthetic deterrent which did not affect them at all. After they purchased and installed two Yard Gard units three feet off the ground, close to the house.

I suggested placing one unit to the left and one to the right of the house, both tilted towards one another at about a 45° angle to cover the entire front yard. The feral cats no longer come around their property, and their lawn is healing nicely! Sometimes it takes more than one unit to get the job done, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Product used:

No power supply outdoors? Check out our new Solar Yard Gard!

Seagulls were damaging the HVAC and roof of a shopping center, nesting there and leaving hazardous droppings and food scraps all over. As this was a large-scale commercial application, the facility managers opted for AviShock bird shock track combined with Bird Net exclusion netting.

With the electronic shock strips delivering a gentle but alarming shock when birds land on the parapet walls and signage, the gulls quickly learned to steer clear. The netting went around the HVAC units on the roof to prevent nesting. The birds have abandoned the area and there have been no new nests on the roof.”

Products used:

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