NO DOG&CAT Breaking bad habits natural stop

  • Liquid solution ready to use, rich of essential oils able to modify bad habits of dogs and cats to dirty, with urines and feces, the places not destined to be used by them

  • It stops dogs and cats from sleeping, scratching, biting and spraying domestic places (floors, armchairs, covers, carpets, furnitures, etc.) and external places (doorways, roofs, vases and gates)

  • Efficient and safe, it doesn’t stain, it does not leave halos and it is eco-friendly


Can it be toxic for the pets?

No, No Dog&Cat is a natural product with no toxic effects and it can be used even in the presence of puppies and babies.

Does it stick or grease?

No, if you apply it with the right dose, it gets to be absorbed quickly from the floor, or you can let it rest for a while and then drying it with a rag.

Does it have an unpleasant smell?

No, its smell results unpleasant for dogs and cats but it is good for their owners. For this reason it can be used both inside and outside the house.