Rodi Natural Stop – Unbearable to any rodent

This product is not a bait but a natural product with plant’s extracts, unpleasant and unbearable for mice. The product exploits two of the peculiar qualities of rodent: the developed sense of smell an their habits underground to dig long and shallow tunnels.


It is suitable for:

  • LARGE AREAS: it is ideal for companies and/ or storage of food because the product doesn’t cause the death of rodent, but frees the place from its presence, avoiding all the problems related to poisoning
  • AGRICULTURAL AREAS: the product does not interfere with any type of cultivation (intensive horticulture, floriculture), does not cause damage to vegetation and doesn’t pollute groundwater
  • STABLES AND BARNS: keeps the rats away that they are certainly one of the causes of epidemics and potential carriers of many infectious diseases