Solar Bird Repeller (2/box)

The Solar Bird Repeller is a solar powered bird deterrent that uses motion to prevent large birds from landing.

A solar panel powers a 5-foot telescoping “arm” mounted above the unit that spins continuously. Birds will be frightened by the movement and will avoid the area.

Where to use:

The Solar Bird Repeller is ideal for concentrated areas where large pest birds have become a nuisance:

♦ Signs
♦ Boats
♦ Streetlights
♦ A.C. units
♦ Docks
♦ Swim platforms
♦ Walls
♦ Roofs
♦ Chimney caps
♦ Skylights

The Bird Repeller is effective for large pest birds:

♦ Pigeons
♦ Crows
♦ Gulls
♦ Cormorants
♦ Vultures


♦ Solar Powered with rechargeable batteries!
♦ Lightweight / easy to mount!
♦ Portable unit with on/off switch!
♦ Can be mounted on flat or angled surfaces!
♦ Rotates at 30 RPM’s!
♦ Sweeps birds continually – covers up to 5′ in diameter!
♦ Comes with 2-AA rechargeable batteries for extended operation during dark periods!