Only Choose a Certified Installer for your Bird Control Problems


Only Choose a Certified Installer for your Bird Control Problems

bird-deterrents-workBird control is intended to deter birds humanely and safely from areas where the birds are unwanted. Perching, roosting and nesting pest birds cause major problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Clean up of the bird’s droppings can be quite costly. If the droppings are allowed to accumulate, the nasty and acidic feces will ruin whatever they have been allowed to accrue on.

There are many different birds and problems with many bird deterrent products to choose from. Many bird control methods can be put into action by homeowners and building maintenance crews. Methods such as visual deterrents can be as simple as opening the package of Bird B Gone Holographic Flash Tape or Bird B Gone Scare Diverters and hanging them in the backyard or orchard fruit trees, along the sides of the home or building, or any other overhang.

Sound deterrents like the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic can also be easily and safely applied and will get rid of birds. The particular bird control solution is best in large open spaces. They broadcast distress and predator calls from over 22 different types of birds. Birds hear on the same level as humans, and it operates between 65-105 decibels.

Other products, however, are not as simple to use. They can be easily installed, but consulting with an installation expert will help eliminate any undesirable results that could potentially harm the pest birds unintentionally. While some products can be easily placed and they start working immediately, other products take more planning and carefulness for them to be effective. Professional installers are able to help you choose the correct bird control product depending on what type of bird you want to get rid of. They will help determine if the birds are nesting or just roosting, and this information may take different approaches to best eliminate the problem. Often times there needs to be an integrated solution. This means there may need to be a variety of products working in conjunction with each other to get rid of the pest bird.

Bird netting is a bird control method that would bode well to get expert advice from a Certified Installer. Netting is often used in large warehouses and big box stores. It is usually applied because of a current bird problem. It is extremely important to install the netting without trapping any birds. Birds are clever, and if there is a way in, they will find it. Netting needs to be secured correctly so that there are no gaps or areas where the birds can pass through. It is also wise to choose good strong netting. You do not want to spend the time and money for it all to be for not. Certified Installers will suggest the most effective netting available.

Another example on when an expert installer should be consulted is when using bird gel. Bird gel may seem innocuous, but if you apply it the wrong way to deter the wrong type of bird, it can be injurious to the bird. It works for Pigeons and Starlings on a horizontal surface. If it is applied where smaller pest birds land, the birds can be stuck and the get stuck in their feathers, making it nearly impossible to be able to fly away.

Bird B Gone has in-depth training and support available. They partner with customers and Certified Installers to create an environment that makes their bird control products the best solution for bird problems.

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