Know your Pest Bird, Know How to Get Rid of It


Know your Pest Bird, Know How to Get Rid of It

Bird control What constitutes a pest bird?  A bird can be considered a pest when it interferes in a normal human environment.  That would classify just about every bird as pests.  When coming in contact with a pest bird in your environment, whether it is at home or work, safe and humane deterrents should always be the option.  It is important to know what type of bird you are having an issue with.

You must also be aware of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.  There are over 800 species on the list of protected birds under this Act.  It basically states that it is “unlawful without a waiver to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill or sell birds listed therein (“migratory birds”).“  Picking a safe and humane bird control method will help ensure that you are abiding by the Treaty.

The birds become pests very quickly.  They are an irritation to many property owners and managers and homeowners.  Their droppings can damage rooftops, solar panels, AC units and ventilation systems.  It is important to put together a bird control plan before they hamper the buildings.  Cleanup can be very costly if their feces are allowed to collect.  They are very acidic and will cause a lot of damage.

Getting rid of the pest bird does not need to be challenging.  Choosing the right bird control experts to help guide you to the right bird control products for the type of bird that is a pest is the best start.  It is important to connect with an expert.  They will know the bird population in the area, which are migratory birds and how best to address a solution.

Bird Netting

Bird netting may be a solution to your bird problem.  Netting will keep birds out of a specific area.  Netting is versatile.  It is available in heavy-duty knotted and no-knot versions.  It is very strong and will keep all bird species out of the area where it is applied.  Netting comes in three colors that help with the invisibility factor.  This is important when aesthetics is especially important to a structure.  Netting can also be used in gardens, orchards, and vineyards to keep the birds from dining on the crops.  Garden netting comes in different mesh sizes, enabling it to be effective for any size of birds.

Bird Spikes

Stainless steel bird spikes are the #1 specified pigeon spikes by architects, contractors, and government agencies.  Stainless steel bird spikes are virtually invisible when installed correctly.  They are very effective at keeping pest birds from landing and roosting on buildings and structures.  They come in different widths to fit on any area.

Many homeowners and businesses also use plastic birds spikes.  They would be a good choice as they are non-conductive and will not interfere with electrical or communication and transmissions.  They come in an array of colors to help with the aesthetic appeal of the building.  When installed correctly, they too, are virtually invisible.

Bird control methods address specific bird problems, and sometimes there are multiple issues. If you are unsure what type of solution to choose, contact Bird B Gone.  They are the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products.  They provide advice, training and will connect you to certified installers in your area.

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