Bird Behavior a Key to How to Get Rid of Pest Birds


Bird Behavior a Key to How to Get Rid of Pest Birds

Get Rid of Pest Birds Pigeons are the most prolific pest bird

Property owners know bird behavior can quickly result in a costly nuisance. Pest birds can damage solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems. Getting rid of pest birds can pose a challenge, for not all bird deterrents work equally well for all birds. That’s because birds behave differently, depending on their species, size, number, and venue. No one knows better the how and why of birds than the bird control experts at Bird B Gone. They know that the key to getting rid of birds is to match their behavior to the right deterrent or repellent.

Proven Products to Get Rid of Birds

The industry leader for over 22 years, Bird-B-Gone has the right bird control product to get rid of birds. Our bird control engineers have more than 90 years of combined hands-on experience. They constantly stay on the cutting edge of bird control with products that include everything from lasers to sonic deterrents. As the world’s largest manufacturer of professional bird control products, we have solutions to solve the widest range of bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. So whether you need bird spikes to keep pigeons off a roof, bird netting to block them from a semi-enclosed area, or electric track to keep them off a wall or sign, Bird B Gone will make sure you have the right product to address bird behavior.

Dependable “Made in the USA” Quality

Bird B Gone products manufactured in the United States are designed from the ground up to hold up. All products go through an extensive quality control process before being shipped. And each product is hand inspected and signed as it’s packaged. This allows us to offer the industry’s longest guarantees—as long as 10 years on some products. It’s no wonder our products are specified bird control products by architects & government agencies. And why Bird B Gone is a GSA Advantage Approved Vendor.

FREE Training, Dedicated Customer Service

Bird B Gone offers training and support for all aspects of bird control, including on-site training and technical support. We regularly host a free training course through Bird B Gone University, which teaches everything from quoting a job to product installation. Classes are taught by our bird control specialists on-site, virtually anywhere in the world. Those who attend receive a Certificate of Completion, which can also be applied as credit hours toward a Pest Control Applicator’s License in many states. This ensures our customers get the real answers they need in effectively solving pest bird problems. Bird B Gone Customer service is second to none. Our customer support team is just a phone call away to help find the best solution for your budget. We can also help you with installation, and that includes locating a professional bird control product installer in a specific geographical area.

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