Marketing Bird Control, the Key to New Customers

Marketing Bird Control, the Key to New Customers

marketing bird control Adding bird control services to your business can improve your bottom line. Property owners and municipalities often suffer from the damage and defacement of pest birds. Whether your business is roofing, rain gutters, solar, skylights, AC units or other property related maintenance concerns, bird proofing can be a profitable addition to your business. If you’re a contractor, you probably have most of the tools you’ll need to install bird control products. But unless you have expert guidance, marketing bird control can pose a challenge. The professionals at Bird B Gone can help. They can show you how to properly market bird control solutions and get those new customers.

Attend Bird-B-Gone University

Bird-B-Gone University offers a comprehensive training course taught by bird control specialists who have over 90 years of combined experience in the industry. Classes are free and held at the Bird-B-Gone facility in Santa Ana, California. Or at virtually any location worldwide. Every attendee receives a free training manual, catalog, and product samples.

Correct Marketing is Vital to Success

Those who enroll in Bird B Gone University will learn how to market bird control and get leads. Attendees learn to “follow the birds,” to look up for the congregation of birds and look down for the mess they leave behind. They learn the best time of day to evaluate bird problems and about Bird Pressure, which defines the level of commitment birds have to various locations where they nest, roost, eat and spend time. Attendees also learn about bird behavior, their attachment to a site, the most effective way to get rid of birds and how to prevent them from returning. Attendees even learn about “next door prospecting” and how to sell neighboring businesses or property managers who manage these businesses on bird control. Our experts will teach you how to identify prospects in commercial, residential and agricultural markets. You will learn how to network, use PR, and the best way to sell bird control using the latest sales tools.

Learn About the Birds & Bird Control Products

Bird B Gone University classes have been specifically designed to teach the basics of bird control. Attendees learn about Bird B Gone’s expanded line of bird deterrents/repellents and how these proven products solve a wide range of bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. The products address not only the type of bird but where they land and what they do. The all-day course includes:

♦ Bird Control Products – Basics for Success

♦ How to Market/Make a Profit in Bird Control

♦ Site Evaluation

♦ Choosing the Right Product

♦ How to Install Bird Control Products

♦ Quoting Bird Control Jobs

♦ Hand on Training in How to Hang Netting

♦ How to Avoid Problems/Troubleshooting

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