Bird Control Products for a Variety of Nusiance Birds

Bird Control Products for a Variety of Nusiance Birds

plastic bird spikesBird control products keep birds away whether they are applied to homes, businesses, or boats. Bird control products are needed when pigeons, swallows, grackles, sparrows or woodpeckers are the targeted nuisance birds that are destroying the property.  There are many highly effective bird control products to choose from.  Most are readily available, safe for birds and others, and easy to install.

Bird Control for Home Use

At home, bird droppings will be on the patio, rooftops, window ledges to name a few places. You might find them on top of the barbecue when you go out to grill.  More detrimental is when the rain gutters get clogged by nesting debris.  Vents on the rooftop can become clogged with the nesting debris also.  There are many products that can be purchased, set out or installed that will be effective right away.  A visual bird deterrent is a good deterrent to begin using. Flash tape, scare balloons or scare diverters are a great first step in scaring away the pest birds.  All three deterrents have a similar shiny reflective surface that the birds do not like. There are also predator markings that add to their fear and confusion.

Bird spikes on the rooftops are another way to stop the birds from roosting on the rooftop.  The spikes make it uncomfortable for them to land, and they will fly away to find a more conducive area for roosting and nesting.

Bird Control for Businesses

Bird spikes are used often on governmental buildings.  In fact, stainless steel pigeon spikes are the number one specified pigeon spikes by architects, contractors, and government agencies.  Spikes come in different width sizes to accommodate different sized ledges.  They are easily glued, screwed or tied down.

Plastic bird spikes are also often used. They can also be easily and quickly applied.  The difference is that plastic bird spikes come in different colors.  Even though stainless steel bird spikes are virtually invisible when installed correctly, plastic bird spikes are even more so because of the array of colors they come in.  The colors include white, tan, brick red, brown, black and gray.  The plastic spikes are also non-conductive.  This means they will not interfere with electrical or communication and transmission.

Bird Control for Boats

Whether you are a boat owner, or you operate or manage a boat business, you are aware of the costly problem that you face daily; the pest birds.  Using effective bird control products will keep the droppings from gulls, herons, and cormorants from accumulating and ruining the sails, riggings, sail covers, radar towers and mast gear.   The droppings will also ruin the paint; any metals such as the railings and other areas on the boat and doc.

Stand-alone physical bird deterrents such as the Bird Spider 360 from Bird B Gone are an excellent product for this arena. They are made to scare birds from a concentrated area.  This product has spider-like “arms” that sway and bounce in the wind.  This then creates a visual distraction zone and birds will not want to come near the area.  There are a variety of mounting options.  The locking mechanism on the bird spider ensures that the unit will not blow away with high winds.

You are not alone in determining what type of product to use and where to use it.  Bird B Gone is the perfect partner to help educate you on bird control.  They offer in-depth support and even training in all aspects of bird control.  The goal of Bird B Gone is to help you feel confident and knowledgeable and supported in undertaking any bird issues that come your way.
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