Is One Product enough to get rid of that bird?

Is One Product enough to get rid of that bird?

bird control productsPest birds deface and damage many areas of a property: solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems—all fall victim to the nests, droppings, and activities of birds. But birds are clever creatures. And they learn fast. Which is why one bird deterrent or repellent may not be enough to solve a serious pest bird problem. That’s where the bird control pros at Bird B Gone can help.

The “Tag Team” Approach

Bird B Gone’s ever-growing line of bird control products is designed to solve a wide range of pest bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Sometimes, these products can be combined to more efficiently get rid of that stubborn species of bird.  Here are just a few examples:

  • To prevent pest birds from loafing on building edges and ledges, our Bird Gel could be combined with our Stainless Steel Bird Spikes.
  • To keep birds off rooftop AC units and other similar equipment, our Bird Spider 360 could be combined with our Bird Jolt Flat Track electrified track.
  • To exclude birds from under overhangs and semi-enclosed areas, our Heavy Duty Bird Netting could be used together with our Bird Slope.
  • To keep nuisance birds from nesting under solar panels, our Solar Panel Deterrent Kit could be used in tandem with our Bird Chase Super Sonic device.
  • To get rid of geese from parks, shorelines, golf courses, cemeteries, lawns and other grassy areas, our Bird Chase Super Sonic device could be combined with MigrateTM, a proven effective liquid bird repellent.
  • To protect acres of crops and vines, our Laser Deterrents could be combined with visual deterrents—like Flash Tape and Bird Scare Balloons.
  • To remove birds from large enclosed or semi-enclosed areas, such as docks, overhangs, warehouses, aircraft hangars and plant nurseries, our chemical Bird Hazers could be combined with our Mist Net netting to safely capture birds.
  • To keep gulls and other seaside birds off boats, our Bird Spider 360 (set on flat areas of the vessel) could be combined with Stainless Steel bird spikes mounted on masts.

The point is, Bird B Gone will make sure you have the right products for the job. Each is designed to address not only the type of bird but where they land and what they do.  Used together (tag teamed), these products can be a potent deterrent in getting rid of that stubborn bird.

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