Proper Bird Problem Assessment

Proper Bird Problem Assessment

Assessing the problem of pest birds involves a wide and comprehensive set of factors.  It is important that you get as much information as possible to create a comprehensive quote for your customer.  Be sure to include the following in your job assessment.

Assessing the problem of pest birds involves a wide and comprehensive set of factors

First, the specific bird species must be identified.

Next, the level of infestation must be determined—from minimal to severe.

The specific location(s) must also be pinpointed, e.g., parapet, tower, gutter, ceiling, overhang and many more.

To properly install/implement bird deterrents/repellents, the structure’s materials must be identified, e.g., wood, vinyl, steel, shingle or stucco.

Next, the proper access equipment must be proposed—ladders, lifts, cranes, scaffolding, etc.–based on height requirements and other obstructions to the problem area.

Other physical restrictions/clearances must also be taken into consideration—like overhead wires, trees, and the nature of the ground, be it wet, snowy, gravel or lawn.

Permits must be obtained and cleanup responsibilities established.

At this point, the specific bird deterrent/repellent will be recommended—everything from spikes to netting, sound deterrents to electric track.

Finally, the warranty and price will be presented and approved.

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